Open Door Olympians @ 2019 Birthday Jamboree

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On the 4th of May your Open Door Olympians will be competing on the field of glory for a good cause!!  

Show your support for Open Door, our warm and talented teachers and our Open To All communite by donating today.   

After donating be sure to join us and cheer them on as they Walk The Plan, Leap like Lizards and Hunt for Treasure. 

The Open Door Olympics takes place during the Birthday Jamboree at Springdale General at 1023 SPRINGDALE RD on May 4th.  The event is free and Open To All.  The Jamboree begins at 10:30 am and ends at 1 pm.  The Olympics begin at 12:15 pm.  

Your donations are all tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and greatly appreciated.  Your donation will also make a great difference for the Open Door Preshool children!

Posted by Tony Clark