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The JC Runyon Foundation Story
Your support today means their success tomorrow.

The JC Runyon Foundation offers collegiate scholarships to students affected by mental and behavioral health issues all over the United States thanks to the generous and continued support of our donors. We believe students should be able to live their next chapter as they have dreamed through college, university, or trade school without the added stress of loans or debt.

The students who are awarded scholarships by the JC Runyon Foundation are outstanding students with inspiring stories of battling and overcoming mental health issues- a battle they continue to fight every single day of their lives. To help them learn to cope and overcome these issues, they’ve successfully completed in-patient psychiatric stays. These stays are extremely expensive on their own, but factoring in the cost of medication, out-patient care, therapy, and so much more just adds on top of the expense of their mental health. These costs keep adding up and often leave families without available funds to send their students to college. This is where JCRF steps in.

With these students taking the important steps necessary to care for their own mental health and stability, we offer our support in their next chapter as a sign of good faith that there are people out there who want to see them succeed. Our donors help us make the difference in these student’s lives and, for that, we are extremely grateful. Donations to the JC Runyon Foundation are more than just a check or button click, it is an invitation to a family of love, support and encouragement.

With May being Mental Health Month, JCRF has a goal of raising $10,560 in order to add one more available scholarship to our program offerings and support another student on their mission to better themselves. Your support today means their success tomorrow!

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