Ohio State Supports Hurricane Dorian Survivors

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Ohio State Fundraiser for All Hands and Hearts


Thank you for checking out our fundraiser! We apologize event details are not avilable at this time. However, please feel free to check  out our story and if your heart desires make a donation. A donation today is a life saved tomorrow. 

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Columbus, OH, USA
Columbus, OH, USA


By now you may have heard about the destruction wreaked by hurricane Dorian. There is an estimated 45% of homes destroyed in some areas and tens and thousands without clean drinking water or food. The people of the Bahamas face a long road ahead as they rebuild their lives both emotionally and physically. As an Ohio State University social work student, I noticed the desire to help not only within my heart but from my community, and this is why I started the campaign.The hurricane may have wiped out much of the infrastructure on the islands, swamping airports, and battering hospitals but it cannot destroy the resilience of the Bahamian people. There are organizations already on the ground, ready to provide support and assist with local rebuilding efforts. After much research, we have chosen to direct our efforts to All Hands and Hearts- Smart Response. This 4 star rated non-profit has extensive experience responding to natural disasters both internationally and nationally. The non-profit has a proven track record of ensuring donations reach those in need. We hope you will harness your desire to help into a donation for All Hands and Hearts. Every donation is one step towards a stronger Bahamas and brighter future for its people. Together we can make a difference, no matter the distance. We need YOU, and they need YOU, All Hands and Hearts need YOU. 

Where does your donation go? 

- $50 can provide five bags of cement to rebuild a school

- $100 can provide two sheets of weather-resistant roofing material

- $500 can provide 55 steel bars with earthquake reinforcement 

- $1,100 can provide one muck and cut for flood-damaged homes

- Ninety-six cents of every dollar donated is spent on the existing 108 disaster relief programs

- Top 10% of U.S. charities evaluated by Charity Navigator

Another Organization 

HeadKnowles, known as the #1 emergency response non-profit organization the Bahamas has extensive experience in providing support to the Bahamas. Currently, the organization has 1,000 boats and 30 planes used to relocate families and distribute supplies. As one can imagine, they need ongoing monetary support to maintain fuel cost as it is expensive. The non-profit also needs monetary support to provide: Generators :: Tarps :: ChainSaws#• Portable stoves :: Butane canisters #• Air mattresses #• Liquid baby formula :: Diapers :: Wet Wipes #• Toiletries, including female sanitary products #• Mosquito repellent #• Water filtration devices • Matches!

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