TDU & Labor Notes Office Flood Emergency Recovery

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Help Our Flood Recovery Effort

UPDATE 7/6/2021:  The crew is at work! Flood recovery and clean-up is well under way at Labor Notes and TDU. We thank all of you for your generous and incredible support!

We  have learned that our flood insurance will only cover damages up to $15,000. The loss of books and materials and damage to the building far exceeds this amount. And the clean-up alone is likely to cost us well  over $30,000.

If you can help spread the word,  maybe ask a few friends to chip in, we'd greatly appreciate it. We thank you again for donating and helping our movement keep on trucking.


The Detroit office of Teamsters for a Democratic Union and Labor Notes has been hit with a massive flood. The water rose to almost five feet in our basement storage area, doing extensive damage to our building and destroying thousands of books and educational materials. 

Volunteers are already hard at work on flood recovery work. We lost tens of thousands of dollars in books and educational materials. We need to rehab and rebuild the basement storage rooms.

We will not take one step back from the urgent work we need to do right now to transform the Teamsters Union and the labor movement.

Help our flood recovery efforts if you can so we can direct a tidal wave of change at Hoffa and the employers.

Emergency recovery funds raised through this effort will be split evenly between Labor Notes and TDU (through our nonprofit sister organization TRF).

Posted by Teamster Rank And File Education And Legal Defense Foundation