Nurturing Purple Heart Inc.
Tax Deductible Gift To Save Lives
  Jun 20 2020 . Los Angeles, CA, USA

Please donate your tax deductible gift to a 501 (c) (3) charity called Nurturing Purple Heart Inc. to help save lives.  Your donation will also help transform the lives of U.S. military veterans' families.

We want to educate and create awareness of U.S. military veterans who have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).   On average, there are 17 military veteran suicides per day and we need your help to reduce these deaths.  Our movie "The Match-Stick Flame" features 2 characters, including the lead actor, who are military vets with PTSD. We also feature a real Navy veteran and Air Force veteran in the movie.  Please donate your tax deductible gift to save lives today. There will be sequels to the movie to continue our mission. Our nonprofit will also give a percentage of the money raised to U.S. Military organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

Do you want to see the impact your gift is making? Follow us on Facebook by searching @nurturingpurpleheartinc  You can also follow us on Twitter by searching @incnurturing

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