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Noori Garden Cemetery – Garden of Peace
  Jan 03 2021 . United States


Islamic Academy INC (Noori Masjid-DBA) a non-profit organization founded in 2001 located in Plano TX, to revive the true teachings of Islam and Prepare our future generation for hereafter. Since then it is been serving the community in different ways and has come long way. 

One of the critical projects Noori Masjid has undertaken is Noori Garden (Cemetery) Garden of peace. Noori Masjid realizes the cost of burial is very high and still increasing and it is very hard for the people especially middleclass families who can not afford the cost and doesn’t want to take support from others. You can imagine what they will be going through during that difficult times loss of their loved ones and on top of it burial cost burden. Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah Subhanu Ta’la, on July 28, 2016, Noori Masjid purchased 26 Acres of land in Greenville TX for a Muslim cemetery so that entire North Texas Muslim community can benefit. Noori Garden team is working hard to complete the development and make it operational before March 2021. 

Grave is completely free.  Our goal is to make E2E burial process easy and bring the cost down to 50% from the market price. Inshallah one day will make this burial service fe sabilliah i.e free without compromising on quality. Inshallah we can achieve this goal with your help and support. This is going to be a huge relief and can benefit the entire North Texas Muslim community for the next 30+ Years

Our goal is to raise $100K for Phase 1 & Phase 2 deliverables to make the site operational. We can not do it without your support and need 100K to complete phase 1 & Phase 2 of the project.Please help & support this project we together can achieve this goal Inshallah.

Phase 1 - Deliverables

Land Clearing & Leveling, Road development, Tree planting, Water well (Motor & Water Tank), Marking Graves, Electricity

Phase 2  - Deliverables 

To Move Azizi Mussla (Trailer), Landscaping, Parking lot development  etc

The purpose of this drive is to give you, the opportunity (Saqah e Jariya) to contribute towards the $100K goal.

May Allah subhanahutala give all of us the opportunity to be a part of this noble endeavor, bless and reward in both the worlds


Islamic Academy Inc Noori Masjid (DBA).

1251 Shiloh Rd, Plano, Texas.

Posted by syed Farooq