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  May 01 2021

CrossFit Winter Garden has partnered with For no more in the #24forFosterCare campaign. For no more is an organization whos mission is to  connect people to care for the least of these. As an organization, they wrap those words around 4 strategic initiatives: NOMORE Slavery, NOMORE Poverty, NOMORE Orphans, and NOMORE Hopeless.  May is Foster Care Awareness month so for the month of may we will have a goal to complete 24 wods in the month. Why 24? Because the average child remains in the foster care system for 24 months. To participate you can sign up at . When you select step one it will ask you how you plan to dedicate your 24 and that is where you can put WODS at CrossFit Winter Garden. There is also an additional option to donate $24.00 this small donation will go to helping foster children and their foster families!

Lee and Lex chose to partner with For No More because they are currently in the process of adopting a child from foster care. Throughout this process they have learned a tremendous amount about the struggles of each child, and their foster families. Of course them being the giving and loving people they are they jumped on board. Lex said this money could potentially go to the family who is taking care of my future daughter or son, and I will do whatever I can to help. 

Please share this link to your social media pages, and challenge friends and family to do the same. If they are not into CrossFit or working out see if they would be willing to sponsor you a dollar amount per WOD that you complete. 

If you want to donate differently and or have any other questions regarding this campaign please feel free to contact CrossFit Winter Garden at 321-430-5348

Posted by Gary Lovette