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Save the Date! Fitness meets philanthropy on Sunday August 19, 2018, as Healthy Kids First holds a high-energy fundraiser at NYC’s Mile High Run Club! Join us as we run hard and raise money for HKF's interactive food education program, and our new sister project, Take-a-Bite, that provides free meals, to food-insecure children across the city.

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Sunday August 19th
3:00 PM
28 East 4th Street, New York, NY, USA
28 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

Healthy Kids First was launched with one basic objective in mind: to empower children with education on healthier eating habits and better nutrition that will, hopefully, positively impact their lives for years to come. Now, however, Healthy Kids First has decided to expand its mission in response to a growing problem that plagues vulnerable populations, especially children, nationwide: food insecurity. This lack of accessible food is impacting nearly 1 in 5 children in the United States. Many are dependent upon school meals for their vital nutritional needs; however, these meals are only available on school days. Sadly, weekends, holidays and summer breaks leave these children nutritionally stranded. To allay youth hunger, Healthy Kids First has introduced its “Take-a-Bite” Weekend Program, a campaign that brings portable and nutritionally sound brown bag meals to eligible children. While it seems insurmountable, we at Healthy Kids First believe that, with dedication and a sense of community, it is never too late to turn things around, one meal at a time. Please join us in this important campaign!

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