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  Oct 17 2018 . New Braunfels, TX, USA

I have been given the ability and strength to enjoy and thrive in endurance challenges. I have done Ironman and ultramarathons and I have come to the point of asking "what is next?". Being in endurance and multi-sports can get very expensive very quickly. So I no longer have as much motivation to pay to challenge myself in these events. So, I figured why don't I do my own crazy endurance challenges and do it for a cause? I have many passions and a big heart to give and help many causes. Crowdrise has given me the ability to accomplish that. Follow my journey and help me help others in need <3

I have picked a number of non-profits that are near and dear to me, to work with and support through my endurance challenges. Scroll down to see the individual "Team" Pages. By clicking Join Campaign, you can also create your own Team or cause under the NTP Endurance Challenges Campaign. Isn't that SO COOL!

Posted by Nick Seidel