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  Nov 23 2019

Thank you so much for taking part in our National Smart Fit Girls Day Crowdfunding Event. There are three ways you can support us: 

1. Donate to this page

2. Attend a SFG event near you

3. Host your own SFG event

Smart Fit Girls (SFG) is an organization that teaches girls how to love their bodies by embracing their own strength. We started SFG because by the age of 17, more than 75% of girls report being unhappy with their bodies and < 20% of adolescent girls get the recommended amount of physical activity. During our program, girls participate in activities aimed at improving their self-esteem and body image, and are introduced to resistance training exercises in a fun, group environment. What’s even better? We have data demonstrating the powerful impact of SFG. Here’s what a few of our girls had to say about the program:

I thought that like having big thighs was a bad thing and like having curves and all and having big arms I thought that was a bad thing and that I should be ashamed of it and then at SFG…I was taught ‘oh you are pretty inside and out and you don’t have to worry about what people think about you.

Over the summer I would look at myself in the mirror and think…why did I look like this…but after coming to SFG, I can look in the mirror now and just be like ‘I am beautiful

Before SFG I used to think that I was fat and that I was ugly and that I wasn’t worth anything but now after what…we’ve learned about body image…it’s just like based on our opinions and it’s not like what we actually are.

We invite you to join us on National Smart Fit Girls Day (November 23rd) by hosting an active event in your community. On this day, there will be multiple events hosted across the U.S., all led by passionate people such as yourself. The goal is to host an event that gets the community (including, but not limited to, adolescent girls) physically active. It could be a bootcamp, dance class, 5k, TRX class, hike, etc.…really, anything you think the community will enjoy.

Join the fundraising team by clicking the “Join the Team” button. We are asking that you set a goal to raise $10 per person who participates in the event that you host.

Event Details: Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

SFG Mission and Vision

The mission of SFG is to empower middle school girls to support one another and themselves in their pursuit of strength, both in body and mind. We do this using an evidence based program that involves lessons designed to foster self-love and activities that show the girls what they can do when their bodies are strong. We envision a world where girls love all of who they are (inside and out) because we know that all girls are inherently strong, worthy and capable of greatness.

Thank you for your support of Smart Fit Girls!

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