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Why Heritage Goats?

Mill Mountain Zoo and Wildlife Conservancy welcomed  five new residents to its Zoo. Two female goats and three kids now reside in its hoof stock. As part of the Zoo’s mission to promote an understanding and appreciation of wildlife, these myotonic heritage goats represent a learning opportunity about local livestock.

Heritage breeds are traditional livestock that were carefully bred to develop specific traits that make them well-adapted to their local environment.  Heritage breeds store a wealth of genetic resources and Mill Mountain Zoo works to preserve those traits while helping to maintain diversity among livestock.

To make the arrival of the goats even more enjoyable to its visitors, the Zoo launched a naming contest for the three kids. Members of the community submitted naming idea. Zookeepers narrowed the choices from those received. Monetary voting will begin on Saturday, June 27 with each vote costing $1. Voting is encouraged online or in the Zoo’s Gift Shop. The winning names will be announced on Monday, July 12.

“Myotonic goats are a heritage breed and part of our continuing effort to highlight endangered livestock breed,” said Robin Lentz, Animal Programs and Facilities Director.