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NamaStay Fighting 2020


NamaStay Sober 2020 Fundraiser
NamaStay Fighting

Join us September 26th for an all-day virtual wellness event. All are welcome to come enjoy a day dedicated to self-care and fun!

Classes and workshops will include: HIIT, boxing, guided meditation, yoga, as well as community building talks on topics such as astrology, creating your values and reprogramming limiting beliefs. Please see full schedule below.

All donations and tickets sold will support the NamaStay Sober organization by sponsoring scholarships to wellness and fitness programs and studios for those in early recovery. During this time of Covid-19 virtual memberships and class passes have been made available.

Now more than ever, a sense of purpose and community are all the more important as we physically distance to keep each other safe.


Class and Workshop Schedule:

12PM INTRO with Nico Longo & Martin Parelle

12:30PM Yoga with Tim Kelleher

1PM HIIT + Journaling with Ashley Mitchfit

1:30PM Finding your Purpose with astrologer Grace

2PM Boxing with Lauren Keenan

2:30PM Meditation with Colleen Hayes

3PM Dance with Christine Holmes

3:30PM Strength with Gio Tores

4PM Yoga with Izzy VanHall

4:30PM Rhythm & Strength Workout with Justin Holmes

5PM OUTRO with Matt & Pete Sacco

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Saturday September 26th
12:00 PM EDT

NamaStay Fighting
Join Our Fight

In 2015, NamaStay Sober founder Nicoletta Longo suffered the loss of a close friend to opiate addiction. Recalling the sadness and isolation he suffered, she was inspired to create an organization to build a bridge to community, rooted in inclusivity and connection for those in recovery.

NamaStay Fighting is not only a fundraiser, but an embodiment of the NamaStay Sober mission that connects the recovery and sober curious communities with a variety of resources for physical and emotional wellness. Everyone is recovering from something be it substances, maladaptive behaviors, a recent illness, or your last breakup.

Our Massachussetts-based charity helps those in early recovery fill the space that drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors used to occupy in their lives and replace it with self care and community involvement. Our mission is to aid those recovering from addiction by reconnecting their bodies and minds through affordable yoga, fitness, meditation and wellness-focused community events. By becoming a member of our community participants are given access to create a new and healthy lifestyle alongside their peers.

We focus on the interplay between sobriety, physical activity, community and social connection as central to relapse protection. The goal is to swap a potentially life-threatening addiction for healthy habits, and to surround yourself with a supportive and wellness-focused community who has set a similar intention.

We're Fighting for a strong and healthy community.

Join us and share: What are you Fighting for?


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