NAF Security: #ProtectProviders

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  Jul 09 2020

Every day, abortion providers endure harassment, intimidation tactics, threats, and even violence just because they provide their patients with the health care they need. 

NAF members continue to report an escalation in vandalism, trespassing, hate mail/harassing phone calls, Internet harassment, picketing, and obstruction. And unfortunately, we expect we will continue to see an increase in clinic invasions and other activities aimed at disrupting services, harassing providers, and blocking women’s access to abortion care.

During this time of aggressive anti-abortion intimidation and disruption, NAF's security work remains critical for our members. We:

     -provide 24/7 security support and emergency assistance when an incident occurs; 

     -run onsite staff trainings for member facilities 

     -conduct risk assessments at the homes of doctors and other clinic staff; 

     -provide on-the-ground security support during large anti-abortion events; 

     -work to ensure that anti-abortion activities do not escalate, and that clinics remain open to care for patients; 

     -actively engage with coalition partners on behalf of providers to share anti-abortion threats, trends, and other information we uncover so we can better respond to criminal activity against our members.

NAF’s security work is an essential part of our mission to serve and support abortion providers. We continue to receive more requests for onsite training and assistance than we did before Trump was in office, and we need your support of this vital program.

Health care should not come with harassment. Show your support for abortion providers by making a donation to NAF's Security program today. When you #ProtectProviders, you protect abortion access.