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MyVote Project

Energizing Voters with Non-Partisan Information

MyVote Project Team: Sari Kaufman, David McAdams, and Gita Stulberg


The Problem: We’re Trapped in a Vicious Cycle of Voter Disengagement. We have a voter engagement and participation problem in this country. In several major U.S. cities:

‣ less than 15% of voters turn out to vote in mayoral elections

Participation is higher in national elections but, even so:

‣ Only about 60% of eligible voters turned out to vote in the 2016 presidential election, and
‣ Only about 49.3% in the 2018 midterm election—

Moreover, those who do turn out to the polls often aren’t familiar with many of the candidates and issues on the ballot, forcing them to cast “low-information votes based on cues such as a candidate’s gender or party affiliation rather than their actual policy positions.


Our Solution: Break the Cycle--  Enable Voters to discover Issues/Candidates. 

In Partnership with Empower the People, we have created the MyVote Project to re-energize our democracy.

MyVote Project is building a platform where voters can discover the policies that matter most to them and find candidates who support those policies, and in turn, candidates can reach voters by making clear and verifiable policy commitments.


With your donations, we will be able to expand:

‣ The candidates’ profiles and various policy stances to officials running for office at the local, state, and national levels.

‣ The issues we cover and provide in-depth information on numerous policies, from gun safety to health care and more.

Your donations will also support:

‣ Policy research on the issues voters care about.

‣ On-the-ground outreach to help engage and educate voters on the issues.

‣ The expansion of MyVote Project across the state of Florida and Nationally.

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