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Parkinson's Mitzvah Project

Parkinson's Disease in the Jewish Community 

We do not know exactly what causes PD, but scientists believe genetics and environmental factors play a significant role. Studies have shown that the Jewish community has a much higher prevalence (nearly 30%) of PD than the general population.

Parkinson's Mitzvah Project

A mitzvah project is one way to make sure your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is as unique and special as you are yourself. By partnering with the Parkinson's Foundation, you can honor your loved ones living with Parkinson's and help support education, research and care. Plus, it will be fun for all those involved. 

Selecting Your Mitzvah Project

When choosing your project, think of the memorable moments that share your story. Having a personal connection can make this rite of passage truly transformational and while making a difference in the lives of others. 

Ask Yourself 4 Questions: 

What am I good at? 

What do I like to do? 

Who do I honor? 

How can I make a difference?

With your help your Parkinson's Mitzvah Project can help raise funds to support education, research and care. 

Posted by Parkinson's Foundation INC