Move More Month
This Month We Will Move More And Make It Count!

Thousands of organizations and their employees are joining with the American Heart Association as we take steps toward a healthier, more active way of living for everyone.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week for adults and 60 minutes per day for children and adolescents. Make an extra impact by fundraising $1 or $5 for each of those minutes! You could raise $150-$750/week for the American Heart Association just for getting your recommended amount of physical activity.

When you Move More every day, you can reach some pretty big goals over time. With motivation, dedication and great foot support, your small daily steps can add up to huge strides. Let your feet take you places you never thought possible while raising the crucial dollars to fund more lifesaving research!

· 10 Minutes of stretching is like walking the length of a football field

· 20 Minutes of vacuuming is like walking one mile

· 30 Minutes of singles tennis is like walking a 5K

· 30 Minutes of grocery shopping every other week for a year is like walking a marathon

· 1 Hour of dancing every week for a year is like walking from Chicago to Indianapolis

· 2.5 Hours of walking every week for a year is like walking across the state of Wyoming

Take a stand! (Literally.) Walk and talk! Do lunges at lunch! Simple steps can make a big difference. Join us on a journey to MOVE MORE during the month of April.

Posted by American Heart Association, Eastern States

Getting Started
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