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  Jun 22 2020

Food Insecurity is defined by Webster as “the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” This can be caused by a lack of resources including financial, transportation and time.  Various research indicates that at least 10% and upwards of one third of college students have reported some kind of food insecurity which can  negatively impact academic success.

This year, Fraternity and Sorority staff from around the Big Ten are pulling together to combat food insecurity on college campuses.   During the week of the Virtual 2020 Big Ten Greek Advisors Conference, staff will be pledging to Run/Walk/Bike to raise money for the University of Michigan Maize &  Blue Cupboard.

The Maize &  Blue Cupboard provides: fruits & vegetables, dairy, frozen meats & fish, personal needs items and cookware with an average of 50 students visiting daily. In addition to providing basic food needs the Maize & Blue Cupboard is an indetification and entry point for free services and resources for students, such as: financial wellness, healthcare, mental health, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and housing

Individuals will commit to running, walking or biking at least a total of  3.1 miles (5k) between July 6 and 10, 2020.  Please support your institution's team. We also  encourage people to also learn about and support efforts on other campuses.

Posted by Christine Kulka