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July 12-18, 2020

Get ready to get moving! Join the movement to end human trafficking and support survivors in recovery.

How does moving for Amirah help end human trafficking?

Human trafficking is an enormous issue that a few cannot face alone. When many people step up and make a move to support survivors, we are stronger together.

Did you know that less than 1% of trafficking victims ever escape?

The primary reason for that is because of a severe lack of “exit ramps” – opportunities to get away from their traffickers. Aftercare programs like Amirah are exit ramps. When you support Amirah, you support a woman’s escape and recovery to regain her life. And you can find out more about that at our website at!

So, let’s get moving!

Here are the basics:

1) Pick Your Move: Do you want to bike, swim, walk, run, hike, or something else? Pick your move and get your gear ready.

2) Set Your Goal: Recovering from sex trafficking is like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or swimming the English Channel. Basically, it is HARD and it looks different for everyone. We encourage you to pick a goal that is hard for you – is it 5 miles, 20 miles, or maybe 100 miles? Set a goal that will be challenging for you to complete over the Move for Amirah week, July 12-18. But don’t make it too challenging – pick something you can handle!

3) Set Up Your Page: On Go Fund Me Charity you can set up your own fundraising page linked to Amirah’s page here, complete with photos of you, your story, and you can share why you chose to join the movement.

4) Get the Word Out: Every Mover is committed to raising at least $100 for the survivors who have escaped and are in recovery at Amirah (but you can totally raise more if you want!). Reach out to the people you know to support your Move. You can get 10 people to give $10, 4 people to give $25, 2 to for $50, or any combination in between. 

5) Get Moving: Get out there the week of July 12-18 and hit your goals! While physical distancing, of course! Tag us in your photos @amirahinc or #moveforamirah. We are so excited to see what you do, Mover!

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