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Together we will make sure that no child is abandoned twice!
  Nov 11 2018 . Pittsburgh, PA, USA

In the poverty stricken capital of Kingston, Jamaica many parents who have a child with a disability feel incapable of caringing for them and abandonned them.  Some of the children were left at police stations, or hospitals, while others were deserted on the side of the road.  One child's mother left him in their apartment and never returned though he waited for more than a week before being discovered. Motivated by the Gospel's call to care for the most vulnerable, Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon begin to take these children in eventually establishing Mustard Seed Communities.  40 years later and this small Mustard Seed of hope has grown to serve over 600 children and adults with disabilties.

At Move A Mountain Missions we are excited to have an opportunity to spend a week living and serving at Mustard Seed.  This year we will be leading three mission teams of 25 people each.  Our teams will be composed of high school students and young adults.  These trips are so impactful for the young because the Mustard Seed Residents combat so many of the lies that our culture fills their mind with- In order to be happy you have to be rich, beautiful, athletic, smart, etc.  And yet these children who have been abandoned, own nothing, and are mentally and physically disabled have a joy that is radiant and a beauty that words cannot describe.

Your donation will not only make these life altering encounters with the poor possible for our youth, but it will also contribute to sustaining Mustard Seed in their work of caring for the most vulnerable.  

Move A Mountain Missions is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that aims to help youth and young adults from the Pittsburgh area grow deeper in their call to service. We organize and raise funds for local and international Mission Trips and assist in bringing a missionary charism of caring for the most vulnerable back into our communities.   All contributions are tax deductible. 

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