MoForNovember 2020

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  Nov 01 2020

MoForNovember at CentraState started several years ago to raise money and awareness for men's cancer treatment and services.   Participants are encouraged to grow their facial hair for the month of November (1-30) and encourage their family and friends to support them by donating to their cause.   

Thanks to the efforts of our local Police and Fire Departments and several departments at CentraState,  over $30,000 has been raised since 2017.  For 2020, we hope to raise $12,020.  This money is being used to provide prostate and colorectal cancer screenings to the community. CentraState has a prostate and colorectal screening scheduled for September 23rd and a colorectal lecture in November which includes a take home testing  kit.  We hope to add more screenings for 2021. 

CentraState provides prostate and colorectal screenings and lectures to promote awareness of these cancers.   According to the CDC,  Colorectal cancer almost always develops from precancerous polyps (abnormal growths) in the colon or rectum.  Screening tests can find precancerous polyps, so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. Screening tests also can find colorectal cancer early, when treatment works best.

Our great friends at The NY Shaving Company continue to support our efforts and provide a free post-event shave*** plus 20% off product during the month of December, to treat all those who grow their facial hair during the month of November.   ***Appointment necessary. 

Help us help you and your loved ones against this disease.  Together as a community, we can do this!