Metcon 4 Hope

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  Nov 10 2018

MetCon for Hope provides athletes of all levels an opportunity to test their fitness through the thrill of competition, while bringing awareness and financial support to the local non-profit organization; STEP 2. 

STEP2 is a comprehensive residential and out-patient treatment program that provides women struggling to overcome substance abuse disorders, poverty, domestic violence and/or sexual assault/trauma the opportunity to rebuild their lives. STEP2 is the only program in northern Nevada that allows women to maintain custody of their children while participating in treatment. The result is self-sufficient healthy families. 

- Annually, STEP2 approximately serves 250 women 

- Approximately one in five women in our community has a substance abuse problem. 

- STEP2 has a success rate of 54% as compared to the national success rate of 17%. 

- Out of the women in STEP2’s programs, 70% have children. 

- STEP2 employs over 20 full-time staff with the following licenses or certifications: Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed or Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and Licensed Social Workers. Additionally, STEP2 contracts with a Physician and other medical providers.

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