Build a Masjid for Allah

C$1,064,114 of C$2,400,000 goal
44% Complete


After many years of not having a Masjid in southwest Edmonton and praying Taraweeh in a church , Allah has blessed us by providing a five acre site with a 4000 sq ft bungalo in the heart of southwest Edmonton.  By the grace of Allah we had taken possession of this location on August 22, 2019.  Since that day we have been holding 5 daily prayers and 2 Jummah Salah and running daily evening Quran classes for childeren, weekly programs for adults, youth programs and online programs.  Our local community has been actively raising funds to pay for Phase I - Land Acquistion of our project.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown we need your help to meet our payment commitments.

Deposit   Aug 1, 2019        $120 000   PAID

Pmt #1    Dec 20, 2019      $380 000  PAID

Pmt #2    Aug 1, 2020         $380 000  PAID

Pmt #3    Apr 1, 2021          $380 000

Pmt #4    Dec 1, 2021         $380 000

Pmt #5    Jul 1, 2022            $380 000

Pmt #6    Mar 1, 2023         $380 000

"Whosoever shares in building a masjid for Allah, even if it is small as bird's nest, Allah will build for him a houise in Paradise." (Ahmad)

Posted by Islamic Missionary Association