--- Every Day Is A Gift --- Mark VanTuinen Race for the Cure 5k Run/Walk

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Every Day Is A Gift

The walk/run will occur on June 5th at 9 am at two locations one in Dorr, MI at Bysterveld Park and one in Portage, MI at Celery Flats!  The other option is to complete a virtual walk/run!

Directions to Celery Flats

7328 Garden Ln, Portage, MI 49002

We will be set up on the left once you drive into Celery Flats. This will be on the oppostie side of the road from the barn people rent for various occasions. The parking lot is on the left. Look for the small pop-up race tent!

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Saturday June 5th
9:00 am


Welcome to the "Every Day Is A Gift" Race for the Cure 5k Run/Walk!   We are a group of physical therapists here in West Michigan.  This group event was inspired by our own teammate Lois VanTuinen whose husband Mark passed from cancer 10 yrs ago on June 5th.   She had the idea to memorialize him with a team 5k.

Per Lois "My husband, Mark, was first diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in 2002.  He had surgery to remove the tumor and the doctor said he was cancer free!  One year later, we were sitting in the doctor's office and hearing those dreaded words again that Mark had cancer.  Words cannot describe how it felt to get that news.   However, at the same time, Mark and I decided that every day was to be treated as a gift from God with no guarantee of what the future held.  Mark really took that thought to heart.  Even though surgery with colostomy, failed chemo, and extra doses of radiation ensued, Mark lived each day of his life to the fullest.  He was a people person and especially loved working with kids as evidenced by being a Junior High youth leader in church as well as a 4-H leader.  Even though the cancer came back and had metastasized in 2005, Mark continued to be focused on others and continued in every activity as much as he possibly could.  Treatment at Mayo Clinic bought him 5 more precious years and we thought he might have beat the cancer, but it was not meant to be.   The side effects of all  treatments took their toll and Mark passed away 6 months after his fourth diagnosis of cancer.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of Mark's death.  To honor his memory,  I am organizing a 5K run/walk to raise funds to find a cure for colon cancer.  That would be my greatest wish, so that others can celebrate each day of life as a gift.  Thank you. " -Lois VanTuinen

We invite you to join our group of physical therapists in this Race for the Cure.  While Mark is the inspiration, please "make this your own."  We have all been touched by family, friends, or patients that have been impacted by cancer.  Please join us in this Michigan NovaCare Race for the Cure run/walk on the weekend of June 5th to raise money/awareness for cancer.  Every Day Is a Gift.  Thank you.

Posted by Mackenzie Belz