Marco Castillo's Life Threatening Medical/Dental Emergency

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For anyone who doesn't know..... Marco Castillo is a dear and devoted man in the Rosarito community.  He has spent decades doing amazing work to help families in need. He is a hero to many.  Please consider helping this selfless man! 

On May 6th, Marco reached out to the community in despair.  His bridge completely broke, ripping out several of his teeth.  Upon examination from his dentist, it was found that his condition was life-threatening.  

Marco's dental work is going to cost $11,450 US dollars. Thank you to everyone who contributed via Hearts of Baja......we raised $2200!

Story was written by Marco:

Previous to coming home To Mexico, I worked with several groups in different countries around the world. From  Africa to Ukraine and back. Working with drug-addicted ‘street folk’, ‘AIDS’ victims, and starving kids.  

After arriving in Mexico some 23 years ago, I joined up with a house building group and for a few years built many homes, with groups, for less fortunate families. I loved the work and worked hard at it for a few years.  Later I found a great need for kids, who were going to school hungry, so I set up a couple of ‘lunch programs’ in two ‘colonias’ where I would raise funding to buy food, and local ‘mum’ helpers would make lunches and pass them out to kids on their way to school.  I also distributed (donated) food and blankets to street kids in Tijuana and surrounding areas at that time.  

Later, I lived near and worked as a volunteer at a children’s home in Rosarito. for a year. After I finished my work there I started my own program up in the hills behind PrimoTapia. 

My present program has been around for almost 12 years now. Collecting used donated laptops, and reprogramming them in Spanish to give to junior high, and high school kids, who can not afford to buy their own computers, and recently cheap cellphones so they can get some remote learning classes online. (via data) I collect clothing, bedding, food, and medicines for less fortunate folk both old and young. When needed I will find, though generous donors, basic furniture as well.  

Up until recently, I volunteered as a translator (before, during, and after my own surgeries there) for the flying Samaritans in Tecate, at the eye clinic, every month for over three years. There is so much good work done there for less fortunate folk, doing cataract operations.  I have two adopted kids (young adults) at present (many before). One came to me as a very young child. He is still here at 21. His sister joined us 4 years ago, and their younger brother spends many weekends and holidays with us.   …………. all while running a small one-man business doing house calls for repair and maintenance on people's computers in and around the Rosarito to Bajamar areas. (Got to pay the bills somehow right?)

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