March to Get Screened 2021

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March to Get Screened 2021

MTGS is proudly presented by the Borland Groover Foundation for Research and Education. 

Founded in 2009, The Foundation has helped many receive free colonoscopy screenings through the the financial assistance charity program. Currently, The Foundation offers a Financial Assistance Program for colon cancer and digestive education in the Jacksonville community. 

When you register or donate to March to Get Screened, you help individuals with colon cancer receive the medical treatment they need.

Not everybody gets Colon Cancer, but anybody can get Colon Cancer! Let's END Colon Cancer! 

Please click here to learn about COVID 19 precautions. 

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Sunday March 28th
7:00 am
715 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, USA
715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204, USA

The Story
March To Get Screened

MTGS was founded in 2002 by Jan Pratt, a 35 year-old, two-time cancer survivor. 

Her journey began when she developed an illness disguised as a lingering cold. At the time, the recommended age to get screened was 50 years old, but her circumstance warranted an exception. Despite her incredibly young age, Jan was at risk since colon cancer ran in her family history.

Jan visited Borland Groover, a gastroenterology clinic in Northeast, Florida, where she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and discovered she had two ping-pong sized tumors. Jan required maximum chemotherapy and radiation to stop the cancer from spreading to her colon wall. Fortunately, Jan courageously defeated colon cancer and survived to tell her story.

After a year of being cancer-free, a customary T-Scan revealed that cancer had unexpectedly spread to her lungs. Jan was in battle for the second time and overcame the life-threatening illness, once again.

In the midst of her terrifying journey, Jan realized there was a necessity to raise awareness in her community. She believed she could save lives because colon cancer is preventable, if detected early.

To this day, Jan remains cancer free and hopes her story inspires others to get screened. She believes colonoscopy screenings can save lives and is committed to raising awareness through March to Get Screened.

To share your story visit: mtgsjotform link.

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