Many Roots One Fambul Culture and Heritage School Tours

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  Jan 08 2021

The  Many Roots One Fambul School Tour is an initiative seeking to promote hygienic, agricultural, and cultural education. We are partnering with O.L.L.I.E International (a non-profit organization apart of the Gullah Leone Union) to bring STEM workshops to Louisiana and  Sierra Leone.  

Activities will include:

-Educating on cleanliness and prevention of diseases (Covid-19, Waterborne Diseases, etc.)

-Agricultural  Workshops and Demonstrations (Urban gardening and tree nursing activities).

-Establishing Gullah Leone Cultural Heritage School Clubs (these clubs will be connected to our dance, drama, drumming, and poetry program as well as our Be Clean Campaign).

Your donation will also help us provide the following for our students and volunteers:


-Educational Materials

-Cameras and other video shooting equipment




-Projector Screen


-Portable PA system


-Training and stipend for volunteers 

-Meals and transportation for volunteers

Our programs will follow the CDC and WHO recommendations as it relates to COVID-19.

Posted by Ebony Mitchell