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Kessler Kids MAJiK Foundation started by siblings (17, 14, and 12 years old) has raised over $200,000, sets target of $55,000 more this holiday season.

Aly Grace Kessler (17), co-founder of Kessler Kids MAJiK announced their organization has set a target of $55,000 to raise for local and international charities throughout the holiday season.
MAJiK partners with Park Tavern and culminates in a festive holiday event that includes ice skating, hot chocolate, and food. The event was established by the siblings nearly 10 years ago as a way to raise money for those less fortunate, as well as increase awareness for causes with which the siblings feel a personal connection. 

Charity Water

As a little girl, I (Aly Grace) read the book “A Long Walk to Water” and was inspired by the stores of entire villages having to walk 4 hours each way with clay pots on their heads to bring back filthy, disease-ridden water to their communities. Scott Harrison, the CEO of Charity Water,  provided a platform where 100% of donations goes to providing clean drinking water to entire communities. In 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting him and subsequently formed a partnership between Charity;Water and Kessler Kids MAJiK.  Thanks to your donations over the past 8 years, Kessler Kids MAJiK has been able to provide clean drinking water in 9 wells in Africa and India.  Our prayer is that we can continue spreading the MAJiK of clean drinking water with our 10th well in 2019.

South Eastern Brain Tumor Foundation

As many of you know, our mother lost her fight to a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor in 2018. Less than ten months prior to her trip to heaven, she spoke on behalf of South Eastern Brain Tumor Foundation and raised over $50,000 in 10 minutes.  Mommy loved this organization as it brought experimental drug trials to the South in trying to defeat this deadly disease.  Our prayer is that you donate generously to this organization as Marcus has eloquently said, “So that other kids don’t have to lose their parents to this disease.”

Atlanta Mission: My Sisters House

Since the inception of Kessler Kids MAJiK, we have been inspired to give to this amazing organization which provides women and their families refuge from the streets by providing food, shelter, clothing, counseling and life skills to get back on their feet and in the job market. Each time we visit this organization, Kate Elise has stated that "we are heartbroken by the stories of the families who live there, but are lifted by the stories of those who have graduated from My Sisters House and are back on their feet doing well in our community."

Trees for the Future

This is a new charity that Kessler Kids MAJiK is supporting this year and was brought to us by Marcus after he discovered that this organization plants 10 trees for every $1 donated.  Marcus’ goal this year is to plan 10,000 trees.   We love this new eco friendly-organization whose mission is to replant trees that are being devastated by farming while providing food for the planet.  Way to go Marcus!!


We know that what inspires us to donate may not be what inspires you to donate to a cause. We appreciate the donations to our beloved causes above, but also want you to have the flexibility to donate to a charity you are passionate about.  Kessler Kids MAJiK would like to be your partner in any cause that inspires you through our new program, "Your MAJiK". This year, Kessler Kids MAJiK has set aside $20,000 to match whatever cause you're passionate about.

You can create your own campaign by creating a team on this page! 

Posted by Mark Kessler

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