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Rowgatta Fundraiser in support of COVID-19 Response Campaign

Rowgatta is holding a special class to help support Madison's COVID-19 Response Campaign.

Rowgatta is a boutique fitness studio delivering a high-intensity, low-impact (HILIT) bootcamp experience.  The class will be run through Rowgatta Livestream, which brings great HILIT workouts to your home on Zoom, with live two-way communication that allows you to see and interact with your favorite Coaches and fellow Rowgatta Athletes.

This will be a 45-minute full body class that does not require any equipment (bodyweight movements only).

This is a donation-based class. We suggest a minimum donation of $35. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom class.

To sign up for the class, find the personal fundraising page for the Council member who invited you at the bottom of this page. Click 'Donate' on their page and make a donation. In the comments, please mention 'Rowgatta'.  

If the Council member who invited you does not have a fundraising page listed below,  click 'Donate' at the top of this page and in the comments section mention 'Rowgatta' along with their name. 

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Sunday May 24th
12:30 pm EST

We're needed -- now more than ever.

As Madison Council, we recognize that, COVID-19 is impacting low-income neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan where deaths and cases are disproportionatly higher.  As a member of these communities, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club is responding to the crisis and continuing to serve  members and their families. The Clubhouse doors may be temporarily closed, but the spirit of the Madison community is stronger than ever.

Madison’s mission to serve the most under-resourced areas of NYC has never been more critical. Your support is helping us to:

-Provide virtual afterschool programming which focuses on social & academic support, healthy lifestyles and arts & crafts. 

-Assist families with challenges such as limited home internet access and lack of devices. 

-Serve as an information hub for our Madison community by directing members and their families to food and other resources as needed.

Madison Council is stepping up to own a part of the response to this crisis and help during this time of need. We are committing to raise $30,000 to support Madison’s COVID-19 response efforts and make sure that when the Clubhouse doors reopen, we are ready to welcome our kids back.

Recognizing the financial hardships of our families, Madison only charges $5 a member per school year annually for membership – and no child is turned away. In the time of COVID-19, 

-A gift of $50 provides access to afterschool programming, support & resources for 10 members 

-A gift of $100 provides access to afterschool programming, support & resources 20 members

-A gift of $250 provides access to afterschool programming, support & resources for 50 members

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