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  Nov 28 2018 . Sacramento, CA, USA

On Nov. 8th a fire started in Pulga, CA that would become the most devastating California fire to date. "The  speed of the fire prevented most residents of Concow and many residents  of Paradise from evacuating before the fire arrived. The fire spread so  rapidly that firefighters stopped attempting to control the flames, and  instead sought to help people get out alive"To date [Nov.25,2018]there  have been 85 confirmed civilian fatalities. Evacuation  orders remain  for approximately 34,634 people. Damage inspection has  been completed  and has identified 727 damaged structures and 18,804  structures that  were destroyed. Major road closures continue in the area. CALFIRE  Team 4  is in Unified Command with the Butte County Sheriff’s and the  Town of  Paradise Police Department. - information from

These funds will go directly to artists and crafters who are unhomed due to the Camp Fire. MA Series Arts is working with  North Valley Community Foundation resources, social workers, and community members.

Aditionally, these funds will go to an on-going effort to  outreach to Butte County youth who are missing and do not enroll in  school on Dec. 3rd. 

Our Director Amy Melissa Reed teaches art and Deep Listening® in  Sacramento City and River-Delta Union School Districts. Amy curates  local and international artists in community and public school settings  and has mentored parenting unhomed youth for many years. They write  curriculum for Dream Practices in Public Schools. They co-created the  ArtBeast Festival of Little Houses in Coloma, CA a fundraiser for Waking  the Village/Tubman House. 

Our Director Jennifer Andrea "YAYA" Porras is a producer, mother of  JAH'Sol, artist, and cultura-cura ninja. Their early Californian  community teaching took root at the Washington Neighborhood Center via   José Montoya’s Barrio Art program in Sacramento and later as an Artist  in resident. Alongside mentor, Dr. Senon Valadez, cultural  anthropologist at CSUS,  they taught song and dance at   Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University in Yolo County to ex-Campesinas  women in the child-care Development program who would graduate to run  Child Care centers in Migrant Camps/ Housing . They worked with the  American Indian Film Institute Youth Film Maker Tour and Yocha Dehe  Wintun Nation. In addition, they worked along Patricia Peña, founder of  On Native Ground and Sun Dance Youth Media Brigade. Andrea co-founded  World Arts Space funded by the Sacramento Arts Commission in Oak Park,  California. Together with our wonderful board and volunteers we are  committed to supporting our neighbors to the North!

Please consider donationg to MA Series Arts as we serve  unhomed youth and displaced artists and work towards a future of full  recovery in Butte County!

Many thanks for your support!

MA Series Arts

Posted by Amy Reed