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  Aug 11 2020

 There are two things that are near and dear to my heart, and the heart of many Jews and supporters: Our soldiers that protect our brothers and sisters in our homeland Israel & the safety and security of our Jewish communities here in the USA

 When I look back at my experiences after my IDF military service and when I look around the current climate in the USA, two things stand out to me.

1) Our IDF 'lone soldiers' who return to the USA after their service, don't have many avenues of support to help them re-integrate into society and are often left scrambling to figure out 'what is next' in their life journey. Our soldiers are the most capable among us, and are destined for continued success - but, let's do our part by giving them a hand as they transition back to civilian life. After they put their lives on the line for us, we have a duty to show them that although they are called 'lone soldiers', they are far from alone! 

2) Anti-semitism and civil unrest is on the rapid rise, and our communities are increasingly at risk for attacks. Many steps have been taken to take a more pro-active approach to our safety and security, but it simply isn't enough.  We need to be doing EVERYTHING in our power to best secure our homes, schools, businesses, and places of worship. The foundation of Jewish life must be protected.  Waiting to react to the next attack, is not an acceptable strategy. 

The Solution: Magen Am's Lone Soldier Veterans Program - Los Angeles, CA

The Lone Soldier Veterans Program was launched with the specific goal of providing returning IDF lone soldiers a ‘soft landing’ - helping to give them the resources, tools, and skills needed to create a foundation of success for the rest of their lives. At the same time, our soldiers will be able to continue their sworn IDF mission -  to serve, protect, and defend the Jewish people - setting a new standard and ensuring the highest level of safety and security for Jewish communities.


The Lone Soldier Veterans Program will include

 - Subsidized living expenses for our veterans; including apartment, meals, and vehicle for 12 months.

 - High level training including firearms and combatives personalized for the security needs of the Jewish community.

 - Classroom courses including CPR, first aid, stop the bleed, conflict management, advanced search and seizure, crowd control, introduction to executive protection, counter surveillance and intelligence gathering, and more. 

 - Equipment, uniforms, and licensing for security jobs.  

- Personal development; including mental health counseling, healthy living classes, business coaching/mentoring, and more.  

Upon completion of training and receiving of required licensing, our 'lone soldier' veterans will begin working security jobs within the Jewish community. These security jobs will include: Schools, synagogues, businesses, events, and residential patrols.

 At the end of a years time, the veterans will have the option od continuing to work in the security industry and advance their careers, or utilize the connections and relationships built through the program to pursure careers in other industries. 

This program is valued at $25,000 per soldier for one year. In order to keep costs down for our 'lone soldier' veterans, I am asking you to join us! Your generous donation will simultaneously be investing in the future of our IDF veterans, and also ensuring the safety & protection of our people. You will be taking an active role in carrying our nations shield

Whether you can or cannot make a donation at this time, one thing we all can do is SHARE this fundraising campaign! Invite others to donate and join our nations shield! 

On behalf of Magen Am's Lone Soldier Veterans Program, IDF lone soldier veterans, and the Jewish community,  I thank you! 


Interview with i24 NEWS:

- Executive Director LSVP Leibel Mangel 

**Those who donate $1,000+ will be invited to a day of firearms training and BBQ with our 'lone soldier' veterans and protectors.

About Magen Am USA: Magen Am (Hebrew for “Nation’s Shield”), is the only 501c3 in California licensed to carry out armed patrols and security duties.  Magen Am's mission is to train and empower the community to secure itself from within. 

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