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Loyal foundation of hope...

I want people to really take life back with the help and loyalty in gods people who really care❤ ❤❤

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A fight to take life back

I am Jessica harper 38 year old female from mobile alabama i am starting this foundation to help people take life back i realized my purpose in life after losing my son i didn't talk for some time as the most high gave me the greatest gift i started to take life back after the most high blessed my mother and me with a son a piece a month appart with no way neither suppose to been possible i then started to touch people and speak from the heart then it became the love of my life knowing i was appart of someone transitioning to take life back i then started using my home and still till this day use my own money to help people my goal always have been physcology but my heart, passion, loyalty, love, belong to helping people in need in hope there is one out there feels the same as it seem a selfless woman from such small city trying to continue to give faith i pray that i am heard thank u for your time and support be a blessing to others as u are indeed blessed

Loyal foundation of hope ijn offers counceling, education, careers, housing&stability, rehab, food&clothes, transportation, legal help ,healthcare, bible study, animal friendly emotional dog support and so forth so please take a stand to help our people thanks and be blessed (j.j.h) 

In dedication to my son jarayveon wykyim jowers born 10/31/1996 sunraise 03/01/1997 sun

Posted by Jessica Harper

Loyal foundation of hope ijn
A fight to faith for freedom to take life back