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  Apr 22 2019 . Battle Ground, IN, USA


The Story of the Little Black Kitty "Saving Raynee" 

Loving Paws Animal Center originally received a called about a small black kitty in a sewer drain near McDonald's on SR 43 N in West Lafayette, Indiana during the brutal cold weather. Unfortunately, we did not see that little black kitty when we rushed to the area in hopes of saving him/her. We asked around to employees at McDonald's if they had seen it thereafter, Occasionally, it would show up to eat scraps on the frozen ground or in the dumpster; always news that makes us sad for the animal in need. As the snow slowly melted and temps started to warm up; we decided to make our feeding station behind the Phillips Gas Station next to McD with their permission. We eventually spotted this little black kitty out in the large wooded area that meets the Interstate. As time went on, and temps warmed up for safe trapping; we set them and had no luck. Over about a two week period of time, we did not have any sightings of the kitty. Being the animal lovers that we are, we became concerned. Then on March 31, 2019 "she" was there waiting for food. Crying while hiding around the corner, she was starving. This little black kitty was a very pregnant feral kitten. Running back to LPAC for live traps, we prayed we'd save her that night. Rushing back to the gas station site, she was gone when we arrived. We set up two traps with the best bait; tuna. Within 2 hours we had her trapped. Once we got back to LPAC, we transferred her into a large carrier where she'd be more comfortable. She had a litter pan, food/water and a comfy blanket. The next morning we brought her to the vet. They sedated her slightly with gas to test her for FIV/FeLV, her results were negative. They also did a very quick ultrasound, but didn't get a good enough look as she was waking up. Being feral, they had stop and get her back into the carrier to protect those around her, including herself. She is only 10 months to a year old.

She was then brought back to LPAC and put into our Healing Haven. It was here that she started the human socialization process. She was quickly learning that she was safe and that love from kind-hearted humans felt amazing. She slowly started trusting us as we prepared for kittens. We named her Raynee. She came out to eat often on rainy days & she was saved after it rained. On Sunday, April 14th she gave birth to four kittens during a rain storm. Sadly, the second baby was still born and it took her one & a half hours to deliver him. She had the 3rd and 4th babies within forty-five minutes thereafter. It took her awhile to chew one of the umbilical cords and we eventually had to tie off and cut the last one. She just laid there and wouldn't remove the rest of the placenta that was attached to the cord we cut. As time went on she would occasional push slightly. We assumed she was trying to push out the placenta that she didn't want to remove herself. Eventually, she started chewing on it and we left her be. We didn't want to stress her out with our presence; especially, being a feral kitty. The next morning, the placenta was still there; she never removed it. She looked extremely worn out and lethargic. We rushed her to one of our vets and they did an x-ray. Sadly, she had a large baby that had passed and was too big for her to deliver. That large kitten was pressed up against the placenta that she could not remove. The x-ray also showed gas pockets, which indicated a dead kitten inside the birth canal. She was then rushed to another vet to have an emergency surgery to remove the placenta, dead kitten and get spayed. Two days later on Wednesday, April 17th, she had to go back to the vet. She was very sluggish and wouldn't eat or drink and she didn't appear to be producing much milk. She was very dehydrated and required fluids with calcium and a sugar booster, plus an antibiotic injection. A few hours later, the kittens had to be removed from her. She was too weak and unable to produce milk to nurse them. We handed her 3 beautiful, surviving babies over to a friend at another rescue organization that had a nursing mom of two. Two days later on Friday, April 19th, I noticed a very small tear in her incision with a dab of pus. I contacted one of our vets via message to inform her of what I noticed. We agreed for me to take her to the vet that originally did her emergency surgery the next day (Saturday April 20th). When I went to check on her and give her fresh food/water prior to taking her in to be checked; she was laying on a blanket barely responsive with her intestines outside of her stomach. There were fluids, blood, pus, tissue, cat food and litter all over her enclosure. She dragged herself around while in a state of shock. We rushed her to the vet that did the previous surgery; she got her started on IV fluids, sedated, cleaned her off from the cat litter, etc. and performed yet another surgery to get her intestines back inside. She then recommended her be transferred to a 24 hour care facility. We picked her up and transported her to Noah's 24 hour Animal Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Raynee is fighting for her life. She is on 2 strong antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, pain meds, glucose stabilizer, and a stomach protectant. The infection that she got from the dead baby and stuck placenta quickly spread throughout her insides. She has no healthy, good tissue and extreme inflammation. She hasn't eaten much at all in a week. Today was the first day she ate 3/4 of a can of ID wet food the Dr. at Noah's gave her. Her white blood cell count is twice what it should be, her red blood cell count is low, and her glucose level is abnormal. They have discussed a blood transfusion if her levels do not regulate soon. The estimate sheet does not include a blood transfusion or hospitalization past today; Monday, April 22nd. 

We named Raynee's three babies Rayden (dark gray boy), Raynbow (dilute torti girl) and Rayndrop (black/dark torti girl). They are doing great with their surrogate mother.

We are reaching out to the world to please help us save Raynee. We do not have the funds to pay this large vet bill that continues to get bigger with every new treatment added and day(s) hospitalized. Please consider a life-savings donation today for Raynee!

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