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        Lone Star Trust was established in January of 2020 in order to provide a way for persons returning to the community from incarceration to have affordable housing in a Christian environment, away from the pitfalls that can accompany those recently released. The objective is to provide housing in a homelike atmosphere, where these individuals can readjust to the community, find peace and begin to thrive once more as productive members of society.  

     The goal of providing affordable housing to those who have been recently released from incarceration can be meet within the community by purchasing homes (not halfway houses) in regular neighborhoods where there is a sense of community involvement and pride.  

     Those who are willing can thrive in a Christian environment where there are peers and believers to help nurture those who are struggling with their faith. Clients can find help and encouragement in their daily walk, the peace, not only physical but mental, spiritual peace that is desired by all.  

     Lone Star is committed to establishing a network of agencies and employers who will actively engage in helping those recently incarcerated. It’s not a handout but a hand up. By helping those clients that are in need of job placement, food assistance, clothing assistance or even help with State and\or Federal benefits, these individuals will begin their journey back into being productive members of society.  

     With these goals in place and with community support from those such as yourselves, Lone Star Trust will strive to reintegrate clients, welcoming them home to a place that is safe, warm and welcome.   Thank You  

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Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Colorado Springs, CO, USA


     There are many men who are eligible for parole but who cannot be paroled because they have no place to go. This not only creates a strain on the prison population but also has the effect of keeping someone in prison past their parole eligibility date (PED). Meaning that men who are or should have been paroled have not and could languish in prison until someone comes forth and provides them with a place to live. That’s all they need is an address where they can parole to.

     That’s Where LoneStarTrust comes in. We provide low cost housing for those who were recently incarcerated and need a place to parole to. We also provide mentoring for those individuals who may need advice or don’t know where to obtain State or Federal benefits, Food Assistance, Transportation, and or referrals to counseling centers across the city.

     Our goal is to help these individuals transition back into the community by being part of that community. We want to see men succeed and becoming productive members of society once again.  Over 90% of parolees just want to get on with their lives.  There is just too much human potential to waste and with our help and yours we can help them get back on track to a successful and meaningful life.  Please take the time to give. Thank you.

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