Life In Motion
  May 12 2019

Join us this summer again for Life in Motion

We are excited to announce our second year of Life In Motion!  

From Mother's Day (May 12th) to Father's Day (June,16th). 

LIFE IN MOTION allows people to get involved by letting their passion take action. If you love to walk, walk for life & family. If you love to run, run for life & family.If you love to hike, paddle, or pedal – do it for life! This is a virtual event where participation, and promotion will all happen here online. Every participant will create a CrowdRise fundraising page, raise funds, and promote the event through Crowdrise. Participants will then walk, run, ride, row, swim, or hike when and where they choose, but they will do it for the cause of life and family. We are excited! Come join us!