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  Jun 03 2020

Trans HeartLine began from a need for a safe recovery space for post-op guests having gender affirmation surgeries. Soon, Founder and Executive Director, Jordan Decker, realized this non-profit was filling a gap in our healthcare system.

As of today, June 12th, 2020, the Trump Administration reverses transgender Civil Rights protections within healthcare. This means that medical professionals, medical facilities, as well as health insurance companies are now legally allowed to turn away someone solely for being transgender. This can be quite detrimental because many of our guests rely on their insurance companies to help cover the cost of gender affirmation surgeries, among other medical aspects of their transition.

We all know navigating insurance is tricky. The surgeons require a 2-3 week post-op stay, and insurance only covers 3-7 days in the hospital. The remaining time in the Bay area is not covered but mandated.

The most recent national survey shows that 29% of transgender folks live below the poverty line (compared to 12% in the general population), 30% have been fired from a job, and 1 in 10 fear violence in their own home.

In our first 18 months, we provided housing and wrap-around service links for over 40 people! We have trained volunteers to help with daily needs, personal assistance, food, transportation and began a collaboration with the University of Redlands and their Chaplaincy program!

We have created a safe and healing environment for our post-op guests in a community fashion. The doctors and nurses know that we heal physically, emotionally, and mentally when we are in a supportive and loving environment!

The COVID-19 pandemic closed the house on March 9th. We have not had any income due to all surgeries being canceled. The new guest we will begin bringing in the house will have even fewer resources post this pandemic. We need to build our scholarship and admin funds to keep the house alive through this stretch of no surgeries.

There's no time like Pride season, to reach out and ask if you can provide a meal or a night's stay for our guests? We would love it if you were able to sponsor a month for rent or to pay our Staff as we get up and running again.

We know time is precious and appreciate you stopping on this link to help a healing cause!

Posted by Trans Heartline Inc

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