Mount Carroll District Library Rehab & Expand 2021

Time is Running Out!
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  Feb 12 2021

On a hot, summer, non-COVID Saturday morning…

... window air conditioners struggle to keep the Mount Carroll District Library building cool. The 3,379 square foot facility, a space not much bigger than a larger, ranch-style home, hums with activity. Whirring sewing machines operated by 6 novice quilters overtake the central table in the north room. Surrounding the quilters on two sides, preteens play games on the public-access computers next to adults with no home internet access, uploading forms to their employers. Within elbow’s reach, a man sits quietly in a chair enjoying the weekly paper. Upstairs, more than 25 children and parents crowd into the tiny children’s area to hear a favorite book, create a craft and eat snacks. At the front desk, patrons stand by while their copies are made and important documents faxed. Meanwhile, a lifelong patron, no longer able to navigate the library’s entrance steps waits in her car for curbside delivery of books chosen by the library staff based on her reading history.

Since 2012, the Mount Carroll District Library has planned, designed, written grants, sold surplus items, and accumulated funds through bequests and donations in an effort to meet its accessibility, space, and climate control needs. The planned upgrade adds 7,289 sq. ft. of library space, addresses ADA accessibility and rehabilitates the historic Carnegie building portion while maintaining its historic integrity.

 The February 28 fundraiser deadline to secure enough funds to match the State of Illinois' challenge grant offer of $1,157,245 is quickly drawing near.  Over 725,000 has been raised with 454,000 more to go.

We can't slow down now! Share and copy to all your friends! No donation is too small.

For more information, contact Pam Naples, Director, at 815-244-1751 or

Thank you for your consideration of this once in a lifetime opportunity for our library. 


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