Lets get the Voluspa Published!

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Hear yee hear yee!

Hail to each and everyone of you!

I am very proud to tell you all the our version of the Voluspa (the Prophecy of the Seeress) is completed cover to cover, all that is left is to publish it then we can begin to sell it and send it out for free to service members, veterans and first responders.

We are over the moon excited about this and we know that you are too! It’s taken a while to get this far, and we just have one final step, publishing.

We need to raise funds to publish our Voluspa with our partners at Norhalla. The cost is about three thousand dollars ($3,000). We know that we are not a rich community, nor do we ever expect our members to suffer the pain of our costs, but we are not telling you or requiring you to donate, we are simply asking. Every dollar helps us get closer to getting this published and out to everyone. We do not ask for much, just the participation of the community. Donate a dollar, or share this fundraiser with other Heathen groups, friends and family.

Unfortunately, money talks, and we do not have enough (considering all the other programs we run) funds to get this done. We know you want it, and we want to get it to you but we need your assistance. Spreading the word is one of the best ways to help us achieve our goals.

This fundraiser will run for as long as it has to so do not worry if you cannot donate at this time. We will still be here later.

If every TAC member donated a single dollar, we would have enough to get this done, so please consider donating today!

Hail and thank you all, lets do this together!

Help us get the Voluspa Published for our veterans, soldiers and first responders!

Donation Tiers:
$20-$49:A copy of the book and a TAC Sticker
$50-$99 Book, and T-shirt
$60- Book, t-shirt, etched TAC glass mug.
$100-$149: Everything you see above and one personally crafted rune set (25 available).
$150-Ticket to NERF Festival (Contact for more information, 5 available.)

Lets get this done!

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