The Layla Project

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The Layla Project

We exist to bring hope and resources  to the street children and young mothers Harar, Ethiopia.

To make this happen, we are raising $150,000 to build a Revitalization Center "safe house".  This home will provide care for 50 children and 40 mothers. 

The Revitalization Center will be a space where we can provide physical, spiritual, psycholoical and emotional wellness so children can return to school and be re-integrated into healhty family life. 

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The Layla Project

Layla is one girl from Harar, Ethiopia. Denis and his family live in Harar, Ethiopia and have a dream to build a transition home for street kids and women who are caught in poverty cycles. Raising funds for this building is possible because of you!

In the heart of the Horn of Africa, there is an opportunity to begin again. The Ethiopia government has recently opened more doors for foster care and adoption--an unprecedented move in its history--but young mothers and street children need a space to experience restoration before they are ready for a home. The Revitalization Center will offer a space for this restoration and you are invited to make this dream possible.

Currently, the team is assembling a local board of directors, who will oversee property purchasing, architecture, building design and planning the operations of the Revitalization Center. A board of advisors is being established internationally. This portion has been led by Denis Wodulo and a team of locals. The Revitalization Center will be located in Harer Ethiopia and will be a resource to up to 50 children and 40 mothers with qualified needs. The Center has been sponsored by local Christians and will be open to people of all faith backgrounds. In 2020, the local team will break ground, serve each child for $16/month, and see transformation in the communities around them.

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