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  Apr 13 2020

The InteRoots Initiative is celebrating its one-year anniversary!

The last year has been one of both careful planning and real action. Thanks to our supporters, we have been a true force on the ground, working alongside our partners in Kasasa, Uganda.

Our first microgrant, awarded in April, provided the necessary resources to finalize permits, plans, systems of accountability, and other necessary preparations for the actual construction of TaSCA facilities.

Now, as we look to the future, we need your help to lay the foundations for the next phase of the project and for the future of InteRoots. Our goal is to raise $80,000 by June 30th!

Your gift to The InteRoots Initiative will support the next two microgrants scheduled to be dispersed in 2020. 

Quite literally, your contribution will help the Kasasa community lay foundations for the Secondary School, the Institute of Indigenous Cultures and Performing Arts (ICPA), and the Savings And Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO). This work includes:

· Clearing, grading and excavating the construction site

· Installing all necessary foundation support structures and reinforcements

· Pouring concrete and laying foundation masonry 

· Establishing column bases and other core elements necessary for TaSCA's facilities

Equally important, you can help ensure that our roots-up model and the ideas we've so passionately cultivated can take hold and flourish - we can lay the foundations for an important year of progress.

Together, we can turn traditional philanthropy on its head by partnering with the Kasasa community to achieve this sustainable project, designed and realized by the community itself.

To learn more about The InteRoots initiative and the TaSCA project, visit us at

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