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The Last Out Story
Stories that have never been told. Voices that have never been heard.
  Feb 11 2021 . Tampa, FL, USA

Great leaders end up where they’re needed most, and for many, eventually that’s war. But when their military service is finished, these leaders come home, and often the world to which they return seems light years away from the one they left when they deployed. Many return home a different man or woman than they were when they said goodbye.

Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret was written by Lt. Col (retired) Scott Mann to validate the journey of our military veterans and their families while building genuine and well-informed understanding in the communities where they live.

In 2019, The Heroes Journey asked a circle of friends, our community hosts and champions, to step up and support the production of the Last Out story across the country.

And they did.

From November 2019 to February 2020, the Last Out cast and crew, consisting of veterans and military family members, traveled 26,000 miles on a national tour, taking the stage for 42 performances in 14 cities across the United States. Support from a dedicated and caring group of friends allowed us to impact 5000 lives; from veterans and their loved ones and family to American civilians willing to join our movement to bring this story to the stage. In the process we honored 28 Gold Star families and 500 heroes and performed over 200 Post Traumatic Stress interventions.

We were prepared to continue the mission in 2020 and 2021, but COVID took those opportunities away from us.

It took us a very short time to realize that if the pandemic was going to keep us off the road, we needed to bring Last Out to the audience in other ways. Now more than ever we need to tell the Last Out story to honor, connect with, and heal our nation’s warriors and we need a platform that allows us to touch veterans on a national scale. Since the pandemic began, isolation, quarantine, and gathering restrictions have combined to work against the mental wellness of our veterans and the health of their families.  At The Heroes Journey we know that a story like Last Out will live forever, but only if we have the chance to tell it.

By late fall 2020, The Heroes Journey had made a 180 degree pivot from presenting Last Out as a play to turning it into the most realistic stage presentation brought to film about the true cost of war and performed by the warriors who lived it.

The Heroes Journey is turning to our family of patriotic Americans for help bringing this film to the warriors, their families, and the civilians it will help heal. The approximate cost of filming and producing Last Out in digital form is $250,000.

Thank you for stepping up to support this mission . This is your opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of veterans. We ask you to bring the power of your network to this grassroots campaign by sharing this link out to your friends. Our goal is to present Last Out across digital platforms and through Say Their Names watch parties across the United States on Memorial Day 2021 to honor those men and women who have given all for our country.

Most importantly, please consider making a donation to help The Heroes Journey on this mission to honor the stories that have never been told, in voices that have never been heard. 

The amazing cast and crew of Last Out wrapped up filming on February 22nd. We documented the story behind the story in real time as it unfolded. Join our Friends of Last Out group on Facebook to see how your donation is working to help The Heroes Journey create a production that will impact veterans and their families across the United States.

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To all our friends of Last Out, Heroes Journey co-founders Scott and Monty Mann, send this thank you, "We are so humbled by your support. Thank you for being a true American patriot, and thank you for being a friend of Last Out. We are truly blessed that you’ve chosen to join us on this Heroes Journey.”

Scott and Monty and the Last Out tribe

Posted by Chris Vetzel

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