AAYI Kappa League Virtual Car Wash Fundraiser to Benefit 'Black Men Read'


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  Nov 07 2020

Why a Virtual Car Wash?

The AAYI Kappa League has had three Annual Benefit Car Wash Fundraisers for local non-profits for the past three years, with great success.  Friends, families, and supporters made their way to the car wash site, got their car washed, and donated generously to the effort.  The Kappa Leaguers enjoyed a fun, teambuilding event to boot.  With the coming of Covid 19, we can't do a face to face program, thus a Virtual Car Wash where donors receive a Car Wash Certificate to be used at a car wash in either Ann Arbor or Canton is our plan this year.  Kappa Leaguers have divided into 3 teams that will have a friendly competition for getting the most donors.  Details of the program follow.

About Black Men Read

Black Men Read (BMR) is a Washtenaw County-based non-profit organization that brings oral readings by black men to preschool and elementary school-aged children in school rooms, community centers, libraries, and now, during the pandemic, via live streaming events on Facebook.

Its mission is to “uplift black men, all children, and all communities through the power of stories of the African Diaspora. They are passionate about introducing children to these stories in this way knowing there is an important gap in the experience of black and brown children who seldom see black teachers in school even though studies show that economically disadvantaged males that are exposed to at least one black teacher in elementary school increases their probability of graduating from high school by nearly 40%!

Until more teachers of color are in the classroom, BMR will help fill the gap with BMR experiences. Kappa Leaguers found that the Guiding Principles of BMRresonated with their own views and they decided that each team would promote one or more of BMRs Guiding Principles in their promotion of the car wash fundraisers.

BMR Guiding Principles:

-- Afro-centricity - we are unapologetic about placing the stories and experiences of black people at the center of our work; affirming our view of the world through the lens of the black and African experience.

-- Community - we serve with the awareness of the power of ‘we versus I’.

-- Liberation -we believe the power is in the people and that they are the catalysts of their dreams.

-- Love of learning -love is a powerful antidote; knowledge is power

-- Interdependence - as humans and members of this community our destinies are tied to one another.

-- Self-determination - we define who we are and who we will be in the world.

Kappa League Fundraising Teams

Kappa Leaguers are divided into three teams that will each work to maximize the donors and donations to this fundraiser.  It's also a chance for them to virtually get to know each other, share ideas, and have fun in the process.

At the bottom of this page are links to the three Kappa League team pages where each team tells their thoughts about this BMR fundraiser.  If you don't already have a team that you want to support, we encourage you to review each of their Stories to choose a team to support.

How to Donate/Participate

Online - Just click the Donate button on this page and follow the steps.  We will email each donor to request your choice of car wash locations (Ann Arbor or Canton) and then send a Car Wash Certificate to you via US mail. The minimum donation is $10.

By Check - If you prefer to donate by check please fill out the Pledge Form located at this link.  

The Pledge Form has: where to send the check; a choice of car wash locations; and a chance to support a specific Kappa League Team or just make a General Donation.

We will add your name to the donor list on the Charity.GoFundMe site and later send you a Car Wash Certificate when your donation is received.

The fundraiser ends on November 22, 2020

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