Kirin's race to "Send Silence Packing" in Honor of Nick Ciullo

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     In December of 2017, I lost my friend, Nick Ciullo, to a long, silent battle with mental health. Nick was nothing less than an amazing friend – he was attentive, compassionate, loyal, and the greatest listener.  On the outside, he was seemingly the happiest, most optimistic person; while behind closed doors, he was suffering. Through Nick’s passing, I have learned the value of consistently checking in on the people in my life, no matter how strong, happy, or fulfilled they may present themselves.  

     To help improve my own mental health and those around me, I have since gained a passion for running.  I am so grateful to have an outlet that allows me the time and space to collect my thoughts, while pushing me to become a better version of myself, each day. On October 27th, I will be running my first full marathon in Washington, D.C. I have chosen to use this race to fundraise for Active Minds – an organization dedicated to providing a safe space for college students to speak openly about their mental health, reducing stigma around the conversation, and ultimately saving lives.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. With your help, we can all “Send Silence Packing”.

     You are so loved, Nick. 

Posted by Kirin Prakash