Rehab the Karawa Nursing Dorm

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Rehab the Karawa Nursing Dorm in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A generous donor is matching gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 until December 31, 2018! 

What was your experience as you began to plan to live in your first dorm room at college?

Maybe you went to Bed Bath and Beyond or Target to find new bedding, storage bins, a shower caddy and flip flops. The anticipation of going to college, living in a dorm, making friends, and learning was very exciting!

Now imagine you live in the northwest region in Democratic Republic of Congo, in a village near Karawa. You and your family live in extreme poverty. Your dream is to become a nurse so you can care for people in your village and have better opportunities. But you weren't sure if you would even go to college because your parents are farmers with an income of about $2 per day.

It takes you 2-5 days to walk to your nursing school in Karawa, worrying about whether or not your family's farm will be able to sell enough crops to keep you in school. 

When you arrive, the dorm that was built in 1962 is uninhabitable. It has withstood monsoon rains, wars, and it's in complete disrepair. The dorm has:

· no running water

· no electricity

· no working toilets or showers, so you have to bathe in the river

· damaged roof that leaks

· an outhouse in the backyard

· walls that have deteriorated and have mold

Your choice is to stay in this dorm or return home, giving up your chance to go to college.

Our goal, through the Paul Carlson Partnership, is to raise $25,000 to restore the Karawa Nursing Dorm so our fellow college students in Congo can have a safe and healthy place to stay while they study nursing.

The project includes:

· replacing the roof

· new ceilings in all rooms

· new showers and toilets

· solar electricity

· repairing the windows and screens

· new paint on interior and exterior walls

In the spirit of Christmas, make a donation to the Karawa Nursing Dorm in honor of your nurse. Enter the nurse's name in the field provided when you click 'Donate'.

Please share with your friends and family, too! We are making a global impact!

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