The Kannonball Rally 2021

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  May 01 2021 . Minnesota, USA

Help support Northern Voices, a non-profit education center for young children with hearing loss!

This amazing school teaches deaf children how to speak and listen using their cochlear implants and hearing aids.

To date, we have raised almost $200K for Northern Voices!

A word from Northern Voices...

"Parents dream to have their child reach his or her full potential. At Northern Voices, those dreams become reality—through early, specialized intervention, children with hearing loss learn to use listening and spoken language to find their voices. We believe that families should have a choice in the communication modality of their child, and our goal is to provide a center of excellence for families who choose listening and spoken communication.

"All children deserve the opportunity to meet their full potential. In our organization, we believe that this can only happen through a commitment to continuing education, and communication and collaboration with families and professionals. We strive to provide children with a warm, supportive environment full of opportunities and laughter.

"Listening and spoken language is a choice for families of children with hearing loss. Kids with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk. We invite you to come in and hear the possibilities."

Posted by The Kannonball Rally Crew