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  Jul 17 2020

Pastor Abbey  Nation's healing ministries and servant of the most high God! I am currently establishing and reaching out for the gospel in South Africa.

I am writing to raise money to contribute to helping those in need in our community due to the impact COVID-19 crisis. There were great lost in jobs, food supply, homes (because no money to pay rent nor utilities) and other basic needs due to this outbreak.
When I was able to go out of my home, I met with several other Pastors which joined me as we traveled among locations and many areas to find individuals/families whom suffer due to this crisis. It really grieved our hearts to decide that we have to help do something about this crisis.
We decided together to have two events, set for July 4th/July 18th, to help in the following areas to serve Individuals/families in need by atleast 200 people:
~Prepare and serve food
~Give some grocery support
~Providing basic need items
This is little but not enough as we wish that we could do this daily!
As servants of God this fundraisier is very important and greatly needed because it address something that is needed and what is very passionate to me as well as others.
We can not do this alone, cause we believe that UNITY as a nation is very is the key to help accomplish these two set date events. We need you to support any amount of monies that will contribute to offset the $2,200 towards our fundraisier goal. Any amout will be helpful, needed and appreciated. So will you find it in your heart to stand with us to make this all possible to support the success of our mission to serve.
If you are not able to support financially, please pass on to a friend that is willing and able. Also, keep us all at Nation's healing in your prayers   for this is much needed and important as well, with more people aware of this cause, we'll be one step closer to reaching our goal.
The team at NH will like to thank you in advance for your love and support! May God all you richly who gives and support in anyway.
We will also go live for each dated event as well as having photos of events on our Nation's healing fb page

Posted by Nations Healing Inc