Talk shop. Share advice. Build your rolodex.

Meet other small service business owners who hustle just like you—while enjoying great food and local brews. Next time one of your customers is looking for a service you don't provide, you'll still be their go-to for a solid recommendation thanks to your new connections.

Who will be there?

You'll meet service business owners from multiple industries: HVACR, plumbing, lawn care, landscaping, contracting, and residential cleaning, just to name a few.

How do I prep?

Bring a big ‘ol stack of business cards for our card share, and invite a service business-owning friend of yours. #sharingiscaring

What can I expect?

New contacts, great food, and business exposure in your local market. Here's a look at our Jobber Meetup in Chicago.

Why Habitat for Humanity Atlanta?

When we gather folks for a Jobber Meetup, we want to connect local entrepreneurs and give back to their community. We charge for tickets because this helps us ensure headcount for food and drink, and we're glad that you know your dollars are going to a great local cause. 

Posted by Jobber Team