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In lieu of a gift, please consider donating to one of the charities below that are near to our hearts. Please feel no obligation to purchase a gift and donate to a charity. We are extremely grateful for either.

World Central Kitchen World Central Kitchen uses the power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond. Chef José Andrés and his wife started WCK in 2010 and it has grown to help people in need following natural and manmade disasters and other crises. For example, Andrés arrived in Puerto Rico four days after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.  The economy was destroyed and for most people there was no clean water, no food, no power, no gas, and no way to communicate with the outside world.  From personally serving sancocho to eventually cooking 100,000 meals a day at more than a dozen kitchens across the island, Andrés helped feed hundreds of thousands of people on the island.

Philabundance Philabundance is the largest hunger relief organization in the Delaware Valley, helping people consitently have food.  Many of Philadelphians are faced with a cycle of no-win decisions: Do I buy food or medicine? Heat or eat? Pay for lunch or a bus pass? Ending Hunger. For Good is Philabundance’s bold initiative to disrupt the cycle of spending tradeoffs between food and other necessities that perpetuate food insecurity. By pairing food with the social determinants of health interventions provided by other community organizations, Philabundance increases stability and long-term overall food security in the communities.

Posted by Jasmine Hempel