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  Apr 01 2019

What If…Every girl, everywhere, believed she was STONG, CAPABLE, and BRAVE?    

What If…Every girl, everywhere, knew she could accomplish the seemingly impossible on her own but had the support of an entire community?  

 What If… Every girl, everywhere, felt loved by empathetic women and peers who saw through the toughest of shells to find the core of humanity, dignity and compassion in every single one of them?  

i-tri asks those questions of ourselves every day, and that is why we do what we do. 

 For 3 months, every single i-tri girl works tirelessly to prepare for her open water swim.  And this Memorial Day, we will celebrate, as we move from the pool, where many of our girls just learned to swim, to the open water at our local beaches.  

i-tri is not about creating triathletes.  It is about teaching our girls that they can do anything!  Imagine how proud each girl feels when they go from not knowing how to swim to being able to complete 300 yards.  Imagine how empowered the girls are when they cross from doing that in the safety of a pool to the reality of the open water.  

You can see it on their faces and in their posture, when we first tell our girls that in 6 months they will cross the finish line of a triathlon. No one believes this is possible. And yet… 

We are inviting you today to celebrate with every single girl.  Because mastering their swim is the first step in their journey to the finish line and beyond.  

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