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We offer pregnant women a lifeline.
  Aug 23 2020 . United States

The reality of unplanned pregnancy crises pre-dates COVID-19. However, in our new virus-shaped world,  women face intensified pressures.

The pregnancy might be a crisis for many reasons: because her boyfriend has abandoned her; because she's overwhelmed by her other children stuck at home; because her husband lost his job; and the list goes on...

When the world gives her more reasons to fear, it's essential we find more strength to give. 

By design, In Shifra's Arms (ISA) can deliver our unique services wherever she is, on her terms. Through care packages, and free counseling, financial aid and essential goods, we put our love into action. 

The pandemic hasn’t changed our operations because we never needed to be in the same room to make a difference. Our small team helps Jewish women anywhere in the United States- from New York to LA. We operate less like an agency, more like an extended family.

Many women calling us now want to deliver their babies next year.  We need you on our team because we must be able to deliver the support they need

Every dollar raised will go directly toward counseling, material and financial aid for our clients. Once we reach $20,000 - we will receive a double match of $40,000 and reach our goal of $60,000! 

Together, let's deliver more to pregnant women in crisis: more hope, more love, more resources, more strength, more community.

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