Impact Coronavirus

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For people like Kim and Gino and Ira and Tim and Renee and David, the coronavirus means a lot more than "social distancing." 

It means staying at home until the danger passes. It means not being able to come to Eisenhower Center and see their friends and coworkers.

 It means not having the chance to work on O-Rings, or bake  Ike Bites, or assemble fuel pumps, or build driveway markers.  Or do any of the activities they have come to rely on to earn a paycheck and gain the pride that comes with enjoying a hard day of work. 

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, we made the heartbreaking decision to close Eisenhower Center for at least 15 - 15 days. This move was done in accordance with government guidelines and out of concern for the health and safety of our clients, who are medically fragile and at high risk for contracting this virus. 

Due to a severe shortfall in government funding, lower production revenue and ongoing financial obligations, the anticipated cost of this 15 – 45 day shutdown and/or reduction in services could run as high as $275,000.

Given the urgent and unexpected nature of this challenge, we are appealing directly to everyone in the Eisenhower family to help us defray the costs associated with keeping our clients safe as we move through these uncertain times.

Please donate generously today and share this letter with your friends, family and coworkers. Your generous support at this time will help Eisenhower Center remain a place where all of our clients can thrive for many years to come.

Posted by Karin Herd